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PowerAMP v1.0 build-276 (Trial / Full Version Upgrade)


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- PowerAMP service now leaves the scene in 30s of inactivity (time may vary depending on phone state)

- album art downloader now also searches for single covers

- folders rescan speedup

- QVGA screen support

- headset buttons are more responsive for slow devices

Bug fixes:

- fixed issue with skipping on non-FPU phones when screen is off

- fixed issue with screen sometimes flashing while phone is sleeping and PowerAMP is playing

- fixed issues with some mp3 files not being accepted by PowerAMP (huge thanks for those who sent the test samples!)

- fixed couple of issues with using more memory than needed

- fixed issue with invalid bitrate detection for some mp3 files

- fixed issue with album art not always extracted from m4a

- fixed issue with 4x4 widget album art not displayed after rotate

- disabled 4x4 widget fade animation for HTC Sense phones

- reduced SGS album art animation lag

- PowerAMP now properly skips the 24/96 flacs it can't play

- other bug and stability fixes

Known issues:

- on devices without FPU wma files may lag

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Just wanna start of by saying thanks! This application has made me leave my iPod at home when I leave the apartment and I bought a brand new 32 GB microSD just to fit all my music on my phone... It is plainly awesome and I bought the full version about 10 seconds ago...

My question however is regarding the update to the 276 build, i don't seem to find it...? I have a HTC Wildfire, might that be the problem? With the QVGA and so on?

Keep up the good work and keep those updates coming and you will gain many, many happy customers ;)

Again, thanks!

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This one is not on market yet. I will probably publish it a bit later, I initially didn't want to publish it at all as the bugs actually affected pretty limited number of users.

You can download if from the first post, if you know how to install the .apk of course.


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I downloaded the new version and did the upgrade. I have also paid for the full version. I installed the update and still have the same issue with too many bad files. I uninstalled the player and not the unlocker and shut down the phone, then pulled the battery and restarted the phone. Then installed the program again and still get too many bad files.

Should I reset my entire phone and restore it back to stock?

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