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Poweramp not running at 120hz on Nothing Phone 2

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So I recently switch from the Pixel 6 to the new Nothing Phone 2. Everything is ok but I noticed some sort of stutter in Poweramp only so I turned on show refresh rate in developers settings and indeed, when launching Poweramp, the display switches to 60hz when it supports up to 120hz.

On my Pixel 6 which goes up to 90hz, the app was hitting 90hz no problem, so maybe this could be specific to the Nothing 2?

I tried a couple of settings to force 120hz all the time, it works everywhere else. Just launching this app switches back to 60hz. But weirdly enough, it goes to 120hz in Poweramp settings, but everything else in the UI is 60.

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@Rashid Alawadi it means Nothing phone 2 uses some undocumented API to allow high framerate. May be there is also a user option to enable that and/or some white list of apps allowed to use high frame rate.

As the API is undocumented (AFAIK), it's not possible to add workaround in the app. I guess you should report this to Nothing Phone support. 

Poweramp supports high frame rate via at least 2 APIs currently - Google official one, and OPPO/OnePlus undocumented one. But some OEMs for some reason continue to invent their own APIs and try hide this from developers. I guess this is some attempt to increase battery life, probably by whitelisting number of apps OR there is just a bug in firmware. Main Poweramp UI uses OpenGL surface and firmware may lock 60hz for this for whatever reason/oversight/bug.

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@Rashid Alawadi btw I got my hands on Nothing phone 2 and it seems the OPPO/OnePlus (non-standard) API is used to force-enable higher frame rate. There is also some sort of app whitelisting, but at least that OnePlus API works, so I'm adding support for that (via now exposed Misc / Apply OP High Framerate option).



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