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hires output fail on samsung for China


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The problem has been for a long time,starting with an update from Samsung.But the problem is only on the samsung for China,which got the latest version, S20Ultra,S22,S23Ultra with OneUI 5.

Device: Galaxy S23 Ultra

OS: Android 13

App Version: build-967-bundle-play

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@AnYujin hi, thanks for the report, but please provide a bit more details - how exactly it "fails", what is the output device you try to use. I have few Samsung devices "for" China mainland and HK, including S21 Ultra, S22 - no issues.

If there is some new ROM update which fails, we (users) need to report to Samsung and wait for a fix. Samsung will catch it with their telemetry as well.

Also on Samsungs, AAudio output produces same hi-res output, and (for some output devices, e.g. BT), AudioTrack output is capable of hi-res too. So we always have plenty of options.


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@maxmp Thank you for your reply. I'm already using AAudio and it really works.But the problem of hires output is,it can work for speaker and bluetooth,not for the usb dac. When the hires output is opened for the usb dac,the device isn't recognized and change to the opensl es output.I used the different dacs what can activate hires output on my OPPO but fail on my Samsung.

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@AnYujin this means hi-res implementation in this ROM is not compatible at the moment. To fix it I need to get exactly same device with exactly same ROM. And in most cases, it's resolved by the next firmware before I even get my hands on such device+firmware combination and such fixing for buggy firmware makes little sense or it makes no sense at all.

Btw AAudio and AudioTrack should work with hi-res sample rates with USB the same way Hi-Res output works, on Samsungs.

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