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Fiio M11 - no album artwork or artist pictures found

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I've just started using Poweramp on a new (to me) Fiio M11 DAP. 

I've previously used Poweramp on a Samsung Galaxy S22 phone, where searching for album artwork and artist images worked well. 

But so far, the Fiio isn't finding anything for any of my content.

I'm not sure if this is likely to be because of where the Fiio stores its database information - Poweramp is installed on device storage, music on an SD card - or a tagging error; some combination of the two; or something else.

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1 hour ago, groaninjock said:

(...)not sure if this is likely to be because of where the Fiio stores its database information - Poweramp is installed on device storage, music on an SD card - or a tagging error(...)

You can mostly rule out the install location as an issue, my X5iii has Poweramp installed internally and all music stored externally. Issues with the external storage location yet to be determined.

After library scanning completes, does your library's content otherwise appear properly? Incorrectly would mean: file type extensions shown at the end of all track names, default 'zap' placeholder artwork in place of embedded art or in folder jpgs.

Are there any files with embedded album artwork that DO appear?

Do you mind sharing a screenshot from the device of a tracklist, now playing screen, and/or the "info/tags" option of a currently playing track?

Also helpful would be screenshots showing which options are selected in Poweramp's settings for Album Artwork (defaults shown here):





-last thought, do you experience any other WiFi connectivity issues/dropouts/symptoms in any other applications?

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Album art and other tag data that is embedded in the files is showing correctly.

But if I go to the screens to search for album art or artist images, there are no results.

Screenshots attached.

No problems with wifi connectivity, everything is working as it should, aside from searching for images.









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19 minutes ago, Fitzian said:

Any shots of the track list and info/tags display for songs that don't have artwork? (Sorry I should have specified)

All of the tracks currently on the device have embedded album artwork, which is displaying correctly.

But searching for replacement album artwork (which I tried to do just to see if it encountered the same problem as artist images) shows no results.

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20 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

And does this No Results problem show up if you try to find new artwork for a track which already has tags and embedded art? It should at least show the original embedded image.

You could also try turning Mobile User Agent on.


"No Results" shows for all albums, even those with embedded artwork.

No change with Mobile User Agent switched on.

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15 minutes ago, maxmp said:

@groaninjock try to open Google image search in browser on your device. It may require captcha (Google may "soft-ban" sub-networks and devices and require captcha, Poweramp can't detect that unfortunately).

Google images search seems to be working fine, see screenshot


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@groaninjock thanks for the track, tested on Poweramp build 967 on Android 13 and Android 5.0 devices - no issues on default settings.

If album search doesn't work for you (on default settings - available via Restore Defaults in Settings / Album Art), then it may be your local Google servers upgrade or something that has not hit world globally yet. It's not possible to guess or fix it remotely, unfortunately.

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Sounds like the problem here is not so much with album cover artwork, but with Artist images. In which case you would not expect to see a reference to embedded images as they are not read from files. (The text in the dialogue box still refers to Album Art by the way, although it may actually be looking for Artist or other images).

I have no idea why 10cc would not be found though, it's a common enough band name, and worked fine for me:



Max, does the artist image search process use a different web address that might be getting blocked separately? Would a logfile taken after trying to find an Artist image help?


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