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Hello Poweramp team,

I am Ayush Gautam, your older beta test member of premium Poweramp.

So I request or tells about you must add feature following.

1. Add the audio channel splitter to play 2 different songs in different channels. By this feature the people experience a new audio.

2. Add the piche controller to control music or vocal pitch. This feature helps to convert normal music to slowed and reverb songs.

3 Add more sample rate in hi-res audio output to experience more details in music.

4. Add more reverb preset in Poweramp .To enjoy more realistic audio experience.

5. Add limit level controller. To ensure that how the limiter required to perform the best output in speaker.


I think Poweramp team will reponse to my request.


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Moved to Poweramp Feature Requests forum.

1) Why??? I can't see it happening anyway.

2) Individual Pitch and Speed controls are planned, in addition to the current combined 'Tempo' control.

3) Sample rates are defined based on what the device hardware provides, some hardware offers more than others.

5) There is already a Limiter. If will kick in whenever the peak level is likely to exceed 100% digital maximum and thus introduce clipping distortion in the audio path. It's nothing to do with the final speaker gain though, that is up to Android.


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