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Long press of the volume buttons does not work when the screen is off (MIUI 14, Android 13)

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Google translate!
The functionality does not work only when the screen is off. If the screen is on, then the function works on the locked screen. When the screen is off, the standard volume control function works. In the "Recently processed commands" section, taps are not displayed when the screen is off.
- Screen on, device unlocked, any app -- working
- Screen on, device locked, any app -- working
- Screen off, device locked, any app -- NOT working

In Poweramp Player, the behavior is exactly the same.
If necessary, I can conduct additional tests, provide logs.

Permissions via ADB granted.
Poco M5 - MIUI 14.0.7 - Android 13
Mediatek Helio G99 - 6 Gb - 128 Gb
Core: 5.10.149-android12-9-00031...

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I have the absolutely same issue on the Pixel 6a.
Haven't found a solution, per se, but I've enabled shake to wake so I give it a little nudge in my pocket before I change the song.
To avoid accidentally blasting my ears off on full volume, I also disabled volume keys via Poweramp

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I'm getting this too on Oneplus 12 (stock rom)

When the screen turns off, hold-volume-long-press-to-skip-track works ONE time, but then stops working. Otherwise, the behaviour is as described in OP.

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