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AutoEQ overrides preferred settings

Ian Campos
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Please excuse me if this was already posted. I had an issue posting earlier, and I don't know if it went through.

Whenever I press play, I have to enable and then re-disable the equalizer in order to have my preset applied. This seems to have something to do with the preset itself because I couldn't reproduce the problem without it.

Build: build-967-bundle-play [967004-988edd05] Full Version 64 bit

Device Model: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Android Version: 12

Steps to Reproduce from a clean install:

1. Add a folder with music in it.
2. Play a song. It should sound normal.
3. Pause the song.
4. Import the attached playlist.
5. Switch to the preset called BASE.
6. Disable Equ and Limit.
7. Play the song again. You should hear the increased bass.
8. Pause the song again.
9. Press the home button to leave the app.
10. Return to the app.
11. Play the song again. It should sound completely different.

I could not send the log. I use ProtonMail and it said: The address '' is invalid and was removed.

BASE [Jul 21, 2023 10_04_24 AM].json

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I have only two presents that have assignments: Speaker (Loud) and BASE. The speaker preset is assigned to Speaker, and BASE is assigned to my Bluetooth earbuds. I reproduced the problem just now, and the whole time it said the preset was BASE. The only thing that changed was the Bass setting. It went from my preferred 25% to 0. To fix it I had to tap the Equ button twice: once to enable, again to disable. It seems to me that the equalizer is enabling when it should be disabled.

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