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How to download music on a android cel

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I usually use either a USB connection to my PC, and open a folder window to my NAS (which is where I keep my master music files), or a File Explorer app on the phone to fetch the the files from the NAS to my phone's SD Card wirelessly. That's for relatively small updates anyway. If I was setting up a whole library in one go, I'd just insert the SD Card into my computer and copy the files wholesale before returning the card to the phone.


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1 hour ago, K E L L Y ANDREWS said:

How do you down load music from you storage to power amp.

I use a microSD card, and only update it occasionally now. When I do need to make changes, I remove the card from my phone and use a card reader on my main library PC. Update the tracks, I use MS SyncToy but there are plenty of other options. Then put the card back in the phone and have Poweramp scan for the changes.

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