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Online music streaming option in Poweramp app?

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@maxmp Any plans to widen the support for radio station streaming? I used to use the Shoutcast feeds for BBC's UK Radio Stations, but the lovely Beeb have now depreciated and closed down their Shoutcast links in favour of more modern HLS / DASH streams:



Why can I no longer listen to BBC live Radio (Shoutcast)?

If you can no longer play BBC live radio on your internet radio device, it is likely it was using the Shoutcast streaming technology, which the BBC no longer supports. We will continue to support BBC live radio online using HLS and DASH streaming technologies which will be available to the BBC’s distribution partners. 

Why did Shoutcast support end?

Shoutcast is an older streaming technology and many connected radio devices in the UK no longer use it for BBC streams. Ending support for Shoutcast will enable us to focus on the two most popular technologies currently used – HLS and DASH. 


For example, nested somewhere inside these links is BBC Radio Two, which work fine in foobar2000, VLC, ZoomPlayer, Windows11 Media Player, etc:

(UK) http://a.files.bbci.co.uk/media/live/manifesto/audio/simulcast/hls/uk/sbr_med/ak/bbc_radio_two.m3u8

(non-UK) http://a.files.bbci.co.uk/media/live/manifesto/audio/simulcast/hls/nonuk/sbr_med/ak/bbc_radio_two.m3u8


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Thanks Max. I tried that a while ago and it didn't work, but the master M3U list at https://gist.github.com/bpsib/67089b959e4fa898af69fea59ad74bc3 now seems to work and provides all the nested stations. Not sure what changed, but good to have the Beeb back in Poweramp. No individual song information during broadcasts, but I can live with that.


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