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Thera + opus video tracks to be considered as music tracks

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May be related:

The video stream is the first stream. The second stream is the opus stream. Both contain metadata. It seems to be pretty much the same except that most is in caps on the theora stream opposed to the opus stream where everything is in non capital letters.


I attached the output of ffprobe for that file.


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Max will probably be able to tell more from a sample audio file, but normally PA does not support embedded video content in audio files at all. In some cases it can play the audio portion of a video file (e.g. MP4 or MKV) but that is just a byproduct of the FFMPEG decoder used.

Cover artwork should be a still image, ideally square-ish, and generally in JPEG or PNG format. If more than one still image is included within the metadata for one file (e.g. cover artwork and artist image) only one image is read and used.

You also don't mention what version of Poweramp you are using? I recall there was an issue a few months ago with reading Album Artist tags from some file formats (including OGG) in a region-specific build 958, but that has presumably been corrected in more recent update - and I don't think it affected cover images anyway:


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I am using the newest build I could find: 966.

The program musicbrainz picard my music tagger embeds cover images into ogg files as video instead of putting it into the opus metadata, which seems from my quick internet search to be a possibility. The video stream created that way just contains a still image. Its just one frame. Ive never thought PA would play videos even if they are just one frame. However Poweramp does not even read any of the other metadata that is contained in that file such as the artist or album.

I don't have a sample audio file that I feel confident distributing legally. I hope that the attachment of my previous messages is sufficient as it shows the streams contained in the file, the codecs and the metadata of both streams.


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Maybe its in your spam folder. gpmaxmpz@gmail.com is the address I sent it to. I also did not get a mail from google that this email address does not exist.


I resend the mail and copied the exact address you wrote in the last message.

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@PlesNo thanks for the file. This is theora (video) file and Poweramp is focused on music playback. Thus it generally must skip this file completely, but it doesn't do that as extension is still .ogg and in the wild theora video files do not have .ogg extension (ogv is commonly used). Poweramp is still able to play audio track from this file as it can do for many video formats.

I've added support for excluding files like this from the Poweramp libraries for "Ignore Video Tracks" option.

As for ogg threora video files which are actually used as music tracks - Poweramp scanner is focused on speed. This is the fastest library scanner for Android (AFAIK) which must support very large libraries. Given that we don't have time to look and investigate into video files during the scan beyond detecting if it's a video file per-se, I don't think it's worth changing. Nor we have scanner theora support ATM. In your case it also looks like 3:59 short video file anyway, so if we allow that, we allow any video clips to be in the music library (which may be a good idea/request).

I'm moving this topic to Requests subforum.

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