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PECSU P5S Will not allow purchase through google app

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I purchased the full version of the PECSU P5S player. However, Google play will not recognize the player and the order information from Google will not allow me to enter the order number to repurchase.

Thank you

You've made a purchase from Poweramp SOFTWARE DESIGN on Google Play.


Order number: GPA.3318-3409-6139-94809
Order date: Jul 3, 2023 9:37:37 AM EDT

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Unfortunately, without the Play Store and your Google account present on your device you definitely won't be able to restore any purchases made via the Play Store. https://support.google.com/googleplay/thread/223898668/google-play-will-not-recognize-pecsu-p5s-player?hl=en

Direct website purchased licences should work (they just validate via your email address) but remember that they are only valid on one device at a time.

Otherwise, you may have some luck sideloading Google services and the Play Store - but that's not something we could advise on.


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