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DVC glitches while using internal DAC


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I've been trying to get Hi-Res output to match the quality of the internal DAC of my OnePlus 8T. The only way it doesn't try to up or down sample to 48khz and 16bit is if I turn DVC on.

While that makes the Hi-Res output work with the settings I apply, it also causes weird effects while listening to music, specially since I try and simultaneously open another app that's playing media like 9gag or Twitter. Even if the media is muted, the video will play at an abnormally low frame rate and music playback will stop, and when I go back to the app the song is apparently still playing but going forward and back a few seconds, this goes on for a few seconds before the music actually resumes.


Is there a way to prevent this or to allow Hi-Res output to control the sample rate without the use of DVC and still using an analog dongle to use the internal phone DAC?

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