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Simple Scrobbler compatibility seems to be broken

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Compatibility with the Simple Scrobbler app seems to not work in the latest update, nothing has been scrobbled via the app within the last week or so. I was able to switch to Pano Scrobbler for a fix. 


Poweramp build 965 on a Samsung S22 Ultra running OneUI 5.1 (Android 13)

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@itsbekenotbecky newer Androids require some steps from the app developers to make apps compatible with the OS, as Google constantly "tightens" security, removes/replaces features, and pushes developer to update apps for a higher target SDK levels. Poweramp is updated, but other 3rd party app may never be updated. 

As for scrobbling, LastFM app should work out of box.

You can also may try beta version of Simple Scrobbler which seems to work (at least for few songs as I tested) with the recent 965 Poweramp on Android 13+.

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