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When using pandora, first song starts out at correct volume. But the next song played will have really low volume. I have to pause the music and resume again to get the music volume back to correct level. It may play a couple songs then does the low volume thing again, I then have to repeat the steps above..Im using the newest paid version of Poweramp EQ and a pixel 7.

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I am having this same issue, it's rather aggrevating when it happens every other song.  I also noticed when using vlc player to play music from my phone, it plays the first song normal but the next song will be completely silent even though it said it's playing.   Have to turn off the equalizer then the sound comes back on the next song.


Anyone have a fix?  I have tried every setting I can find.

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What is the player and its version causing this behavior? Please go to that player (i) info (long press it in your launcher) for the player app version.

I guess it's either some DVC incompatibility due to the player using own effects (try to disable such), due to the another equalizer app, such as wavelet conflicting with Equalizer.

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So, I found this post as I was having low volume issues.  However, my issue wasn't every other song, it was constant and it was with YouTube Music.  What changed? Poweramp Equalizer have a bug in an update?  Was it a recent Android update?  Software update in my car?  I disabled DVC and still no luck.  I swear I had this issue before and figured it out, but I was stuck until today.  So I figured it out, and even though the issue isn't what others have posted here, if you have a low volume issue and stumble here, perhaps my "fix" will fix it. 

The fix...was my volume was turned down...but it has more nuance.  When I played my music and noticed it was quiet (volume level 14 is perfect in my car), I pressed the volume up button on my phone and it showed the volume was all the way up.  Hmm, guess it isn't the volume then...but IT WAS!  On Android (at least newer Samsungs), if you press up on the volume rocker it shows a volume slider, towards the top of the slider is some dots (I think 3), if you click on that it expands all of the volume sliders for such things as:  ringer, media, bluetooth, notifications, etc.  In my case, there was an additional volume slider for YouTube Music, and it wasn't turned all the way up (where I like it).  That resolved my issue.

Apologies if this response should be removed, but perhaps it'll help the folks in this message with their intermittent problem, but at the very least, it'll help others who stumble onto this, and resolve their issue and never post that it worked.



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