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Coverflow theme?

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Sorry, I hear "coverflow" and all I think about is my iPod Classic and iTunes from decades ago.

You've got a number of device screen ratios to keep in mind, and how existing screen transitions are meant to behave (as it is now). I wouldn't expect a skin to appear doing this out of the blue, without some prep from the developer on a lot of other fronts.

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Skins can modify the elements that Poweramp provides for the user interface (such as changing the colour, position, style, hide/show, etc) but they can't create new workflow.

Personally, while I agree that sort of animated library looks visually cute and impressive, it really only shows three visible items at any given time, so is no where near as practical or useful as a simpler-text list which can easily show 15+ items (thus displaying all, or almost all, of an artist's work, or all of the songs in one album).


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1 hour ago, Manohar M said:

this is just sad to read. really hoped something like that would already exist in pa

No, there are already about ten variations of plain text lists, text lists with cover art, or grid views.

Coverflow type displays might look cute and work well enough with a relatively small number of items - but can you imagine trying to navigate 1,000 albums, or 10,000 songs that way? It could be seen as a classic case of form over function.


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I think Poweramp is really the wrong thing to ask for this 'appearance-only' feature, this app is more focused on practical features and sound quality. Besides, PAMP v3 is very customizable as it is, it's just a shame that there's less skins available compared to its v2 days.

interesting enough, there are already music player with that coverflow style

one that I found is AlbumFlow Music Player which is unfortunately for Windows Phone 7 (a discontinued OS), and another one Milestone Music Player which is actually for android.

there's one trait both of these app share : they're both old as heck.

I think the screenshot for Milestone is from Android Gingerbread? like ~13 years ago (2011-2013) or so.

google searching for "Coverflow music player app android" return some results, but it's the same as well, many of the results point me to forums in around 2011-2013 with 2017 being the latest one, there might be others with newer dates that I missed, since I didn't dig too deep.

my guess is that the coverflow design is maybe just out of date ?

I don't think even the latest iPhone or iTunes have this kind of view anymore (unsure and unconfirmed, maybe someone with iPhone or use iTunes can correct me if I'm wrong).

but hey, I also think it's a very cool thing to have, maybe if someone would resurrect that kind of style with newer music player app, I'd be eager to try that app. Meanwhile, I just think that Poweramp isn't suited for it.



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