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Radio style crossfade


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This idea is not my own, but I have heard hardly any comments on it when mentioned on earlier occations, so I thought it might be time to give it a thread of it's own.

The idea.

Normal crossfade: track one is close to end and starts fading out while crossfadeing to track 2. Track 2 is starting on zero volume level and is fading in during crossfade.

Radio crossfade: track one i close to end and starts fading out. Before track 1 is completely silent, track 2 starts playing at normal volume.

The good thing is that you get a nice crossfade without missing the initial tones of every track.

Happy for comments!

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I was searching for this very suggestion before posting a new thread... Rockbox can be configured to do this (by setting the fade in duration to 0) and it would be great if PA added this as an option... as such, I don't use the crossfade option at all because I don't like how faded in songs sound.

Radio style crossfade is a good, descriptive name btw.

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