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Some UI questions

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New to Poweramp. Looks great and everything I need, but I have a couple of issues with the UI I can't find settings for.

The first I don't want the small player overlay to minimise when scrolling up. I want it to remain static. But can't find the setting for it.

The second is the player is full screen under the android navigation buttons. It's difficult to make out the buttons as it's fully transparent. It doesn't happen in the settings or anything. Is there a solution to this also?

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1) Settings=>Library=>Lists=>Static Navbar.

2) The default skins don't have an option for the top status bar, but some Third Party skins can do it. The bottom Android navigation controls (Back, Home etc) can be set with Settings=>Look and Feel=>Skin=>(choose skin)=>Android Navigation Bar.


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Thank you for your help! Solved both. Initially couldn't find the answer to 1, didn't realise it was called the navbar. 2 turns out that solution didn't quite work initially, but also had to set the setting above "transparent navbar" also to default/semi-transparent, along with the setting you suggested. But you pointed me in the right direction so thanks. I think I was fiddling about with those settings and couldn't work out why toggling "android navigation bar" wasn't working.


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