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Read Ratings from audio files from scanning

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I use MusicBee to organize my mysic collection on pc and i have a lot of files with ratings.
MusicBee let's write rating in audio files and sync files with android. 
I would like to see my 5 stars rating in my mobile also.

Poweramp has 5 stars rating system, but it doesn't read rating from files. It has its own independet database.

I sugget to let the app to read ratings from files to db the first time apppear files in scanning for examples.
I think it's very simple. 

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Music Playlist Manager app can sync file-embedded ratings with Poweramp's music database, and vice versa. But for now PA itself does not use POPM (or similar) tags. See the links in the Frequently Requested Features list.:

On 4/28/2022 at 11:05 AM, andrewilley said:
  • Reading/writing of Rating information (e.g. POPM tags) in physical audio files rather than only maintaining a local database [ LINK  LINK  LINK ].  (Note: third-party app Music Playlist Manager can help with this)


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I tried it about 6 months ago..  After a couple of hours if playing with it and many crashes I was able to get it to work. I had to abandon it though, it's a tedious process if you continuously add new music and change ratings. I found an easier way imo.

Poweramp will read and import the ratings from m3u playlists. I think the easiest way to do it is to just create five playlists on your PC, one for each rating. Then import them into Poweramp. Creating each playlists can actually be done in about a minute from your library folder on the PC and it only takes seconds to transfer the playlists to your Android.

Open file explorer in Windows and navigate to the root folder of your music library, use the search bar at the top and search for "Ratings: 5 Stars", select all and play in whatever player you use that can save playlists (I use winamp since it will allow me to queue from explorer), save playlist as m3u, open m3u in text editing app and use the replace feature to insert  #EXT-X-Rating:5  on the line above each song in the file. Save m3u and import to Poweramp. Don't forget to turn on the option to import ratings from playlists in Poweramp first. It took me about 5 minutes to playlist the entire library of 15k songs and import into Poweramp. 

Ymmv on the search scan time depending on what search options you have turned on in Windows.

Example of each song in the "5 Star.m3u" playlist:

../Ben Howard/(2007) Games In The Dark (Demo EP) - Ben Howard/Ben Howard - 01 Games In The Dark.mp3

Repeat the process for each rating and change the number behind the EXT code to match the rating: #EXT-X-RATING:4 = 4 Stars, #EXT-X-RATING:3 = 3 Stars, etc

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@Ash Roarshock While that will work, the #EXT-X-RATING line is unique to Poweramp, so it really doesn't help with importing audio file tagged ratings as no other app currently writes them. It was introduced as a temporary way to backup ratings from PA's internal database (for example for moving to a new device) but has now been superseded by the options available in PA Settings=>Export/Import Settings/Data.


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You know, you don't actually need an app if you're embedding ratings to the files on your PC. You can quickly create a different playlist for each rating and slap the songs in there and then the code.

Because I was bored today and it's simple to make a prefix form code in html, I went ahead and did it and some instructions.


If you already have a playlist full of songs that are 5 stars for example, paste the m3u code into the top box and click the rating to generate the tag for every song. Copy and paste the code it generated in the second box back into the m3u and then import to Poweramp.

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