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Bluetooth info not being provided

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I connect my phone to my car through the bluetooth, not through Android Auto, and It's showing "Info not provided". It used to work just fine until I upgraded to Android 13. I was on Android 9 before. It also works fine if i use other audio applications such as VLC, AIMP, Pulsar, Retro among others.

I've already enabled Now Playing List for Connected Devices/Apps under Misc settings, as suggested in other forum posts. I've also tried all different audio outputs for bluetooth under Audio > Outputs. I've also switched the AVRCP version to 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 etc. Nothing seems to have worked. Again, with the other apps that i've tried, it just works without me doing anything in the settings or AVRCP settings. I've used the 957 build from play store and also the 957 build provided on the forums.

Only thing that ever helps is that the phone connects to the car, music starts playing and I turn off bluetooth and then back on, on my phone. When that happens, the info is displayed properly. If i disconnect the bluetooth from the car by switching to some other source and back to bluetooth, that doesn't fix it either.

Any ideas on what might be happening? I didn't know what kind of logs you might need, but let me know and I can provide those also.

I really dont want to stop using Poweramp for the other options, because those other options have other features they're missing that Poweramp provides. Any help would be appreciated.

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