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Lyrics on Player Screen via Skins?

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@andrewilley if this is requested often I guess I can add it to Poweramp as option. It’s quite easy technically. The blocker here is that not all phones have so “long” displays - many still have not enough space to fit even the “alternative” layout.

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I don't know how the skin in that Facebook post was doing it (or if it was faked?) but I assumed that perhaps a single line of Lyric text was exposed as an optional element which Skin developers could display if they wanted to. I would say that would be a better idea than try to force it into working with the default layouts.

Personally though, if lyrics were to be (optionally) displayed on the Player Screen, I'd suggest overlaying them as nice big readable scrolling text over the cover art. Use a very heavy font and lighter text with a dark border/shadow for all-round readability. I created this mock-up a while back (in this thread) of the general idea showing readability with light and dark artwork areas:



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