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Inconsistency in choosing the correct album cover art when there are multiple "folder.jpg" files


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Hello, very minor bug but I thought it was apropriate to point it out:

In my music library, I don't embed my cover arts inside my FLACs files, I instead put a single folder.jpg file inside the album folder to save some space.

For some albums, there can be multiple cover arts, depending on the disc number for example. In this case, my folder structure looks like this:

  • <Album Name>
    • <Disc 1>
      • 1-01 ... .flac
      • ...
      • folder.jpg
    • <Disc 2>
      • 2-01 ... .flac
      • ...
      • folder.jpg

This folder allows Poweramp to properly associate the first cover art with all the Disc 1 files and the second cover art with all the Disc 2 files.

Example with one of my albums:

  • Sabrina (Expanded Original Soundtrack)
    • Expanded Original Soundtrack
      • 1-01 Theme from Sabrina (Extended Version).flac
      • ...
      • folder.jpg
    • Party In The Moonlight - Songs Of Sabrina
      • 2-01 Moonlight - Performed By Sting.flac
      • ...
      • folder.jpg

image.png.d5fbeb063ac08a419fc6a4fae53d37ed.png image.png.77aacc8426d3b3dc1c2a10e0e41925c7.png

However, the chosen cover art for the whole album (both discs included) cannot be predicted: Poweramp seems to choose randomly one of the available cover arts to display in the "Albums view".

Example with the same album, the cover art from disc 2 is chosen to represent the album:

image.png.cba94ea2b101d45cd147816d260c89e5.png image.png.b10fc159da0e410c473d0350ee1ef73e.png


Is this behaviour intended? I would expect Poweramp to choose the first cover art based on the disc number/track number like other music players (e.g. MusicBee) do, in this case the from Disc 1.


Some useful information:

- Poweramp build number: build-957-bundle-play

Device model: Samsung Galaxy S10+

- Android version: Android 12

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