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Export metadata of all tracks to Excel?

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Question as per title.  Is it possible to export metadata of all tracks on my phone to Excel, either using Poweramp or Automatic Tag Editor? I would like to have an excel file showing artist, album, song title and album title for all tracks.  Many thanks.

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Not from Poweramp, but a decent Tag Editor on a computer should be able to do it for you.

TagScanner does a great job via its Export menu for example, and the output is scriptable to include whatever content you want - e.g. this is the default definition for CSV output, which is Editable if you want:

# Tagscanner export script

$file_name TrackList.csv
$file_notes Excel-friendly comma-separated text
$file_encoding utf-8
$file_writebom 1

$select %_index%,0


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Thank you, I've been playing with TagScanner and it does indeed look exactly like what I need.  However I have run into a basic problem which is that TagScanner does not see the music files on my phone. My music collection is not on my PC, it is on my phone (yes, I know I should back it up, but at the moment I have not done so). When I connect the phone to the PC via USB cable, I see the music folders under This PC in Windows Explorer.  But when I click Add Folder in TagScanner in an attempt to load the folders, the phone does not show up in the Add folder dialogue.  It is also not possible to drag and drop folders from my phone under Windows Explorer into the TagScanner file panel. My phone is Android and in the USB settings on the phone "Use USB for transferring files" is selected. Any ideas? Many thanks.

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Yes, USB connection from phone is seen as a data transfer utility (like FTP/etc) not PC local fast storage like a hard drive or a directly-connected USB stick. Windows can copy to and from it, but it won't be available for programs to open. If you try to play a music file from it for example, Windows will first make a temporary version for the media player program to see.

If your music is on an SD card, temporarily remove the card from the phone and plug it into the PC. Then it can be read like any other local storage. Might be a bit slower to read a whole folder full of music files and subfolders, but it'll do it.

Otherwise, here's your chance to make that backup you've been meaning to for ages. :)


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