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headset micro service


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This is small service which almost does nothing, just keeps Poweramp headset handler alive. Android requires this handler to be alive (in some sort of service) not in broadcast listener, thus, this micro service is activated when main Poweramp service exits. Micro service won't be started if Resume on headset connection option is off.


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Loving Poweramp, and have been for years. thanks.

It has worked flawlessly on 3 different phones over many official and custom roms.

However,  I now have a phone it worked perfectly on but my battery suddenly started draining (not Poweramps fault) due to no know changes.

I switched to the Chinese rooted rom for my phone and since then Poweramp no longer starts playing music when I plug in headphones.

That has always been one of my essential features.

I am on a Lenovo Vibe Shot running Android 6.0.1.

I have looked at all the permissions but can't see anywhere I could change this behaviour.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

BTW.  The volume increment by 1 is so amazing and thank you for it. I had the option in a CyanogenMod build on an old phone but it killed the audio quality. On the beta of Poweramp it works perfectly.


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