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allowBackup should not be set to false in AndroidManifest.xml

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If this was done intentionally I suppose this should be considered a feature request, but I can't think of any reason as to why this would be intentional so I'm assuming the opposite.

The allowBackup=false flag in the manifest file prevents adb backup from backing up Poweramp settings and data. It would be a lot more convenient to be able to use this utility since it, unlike other methods of backing up one's phone, does not require root access.

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I'm guessing this might be because PA sets up a lot of internal options based on the exact device hardware configuration that it has been installed on, so if you simply copy an installation over to another device it might cause problems - as can happen when using things like Titanium Backup between different devices. But @maxmp would be able to say more.

The recommended method is to use PA's 'Export Settings/Data' feature, and then import that file onto your new device setup.


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@kwyntes unfortunately that “Default” backup implementation has a long standing framework bug when app goes into limbo state until device restart - see e.g. 

The problem with Poweramp that it’s also a “service” which  system tries to restart on crash in a loop, causing increased battery usage due to this framework bug we never can avoid if allowBackup is enabled.

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Oh god it's one of those bugs...

Yeah I understand, let's just hope that will be resolved one day because this is still pretty much the only way of properly backing up an app in its entirety that does not require root access.

Just one question; When I export settings/data through that option in the app, will it also export the Recently Played list?

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