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Track metadata: played #, last played, skipped, rating etc export or sync with external applications.

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Good day,
Thanks for being the best player for Android!
Like it for years.

Currently, I've started to use Media Monkey as a music library and I like their rating system and track metadata.
I also use the Android version for Sync playlists between Android and PC.

The neat part of this collaboration: Power Amp doesn't care about MM ratings and vice-versa.

Can you please make a possibility to export likes and played # of tracks to something like MM-friendly format or make an option to store this data in tag attributes?

It could help to see all played music from the phone and rate it during walking offline so I later can collect a list of the most listened-liked music from Android.
I can't use the Android MM player since it's far from perfect in the case of audio and EQ, but I use it to sync music.

Thanks in advance!

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