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Add support for additional music tags and nested tags selection

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Hi everyone, fist post on the forum of this awesome player.

I wanted to make a couple suggestions, that hopefully could be considered for future releases.

Add support for additional tags such as BPM, Initial Key, Grouping, Conductor and Remixed By. I personally use the grouping tag to combine information like Initial key + BMP, to sort my music and create better playlist mixes.

Add an option to group music by “decades” (something like 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, etc.). Again in my personal usage, I utilize the “ Remixed by” tag to sort music this way.

And last, if possible add an option to nest tag selections, for example if I would like to listen to rock from the 80s, I would like to first use the Genre tag, then decade, and if possible further drill down with another tag (I would use the grouping, if I wanted to play songs that had similar music key and bmp, so they all played nice together). I whish I could find a way to do this in a windows music manager. 

Thank you.


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