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Search for a genre while in a genre

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I don't know if someone has requested this exact feature, but I know their were some similar such as being able to search by Genre>Artist>Album instead of Genre>Album>Artist.


I know you can already search for a song or artist, but this feature would allow you to search for an another genre within the genre you selected. The example I have shown would be searching through all of my emo songs for songs that are also hardcore punk. This would be extremely useful for a wide descripter such as chill.


The feature could be implemented in the typical search bar with a plus sign like how Google handles searches. The search in the normal search bar would be Punk/Hardcore + Punk/Emo. It does not have to limited to genres either. It could have years or composers, so 1978 + wire.


Being able to search 3 or more different tags would be super useful too. 

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