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Проверка лицензии на android 2.3.4 Poweramp v2

Юра Q

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Здравствуйте, так как гугл сервисы не поддерживают старые версии андроида, не получается пройти проверку лицензии. Если ли способы решить эту проблему? Готов еще раз купить лицензию без гугла

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Goodness, Gingerbread, that's a blast from the past! You're probably going find problems getting a lot of things working on that about 13 years later.

I think you're probably going to be out of luck getting Play Store licences to authenticate (even without the extra complications of being in Russia, for which you'd need a special APK issued even for modern builds of PA) and I can't say for certain whether a website purchased licence would still work either. I think it ought to, but that would need to be confirmed by @maxmp before you try.


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