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Pausing the music

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Hi guys 

Recently, I have really annoying bug in Poweramp, when I playing the music in Poweramp and minimizing the app. It's pausing the music. By the way I'm using s23 ultra. I also checked and gave permission for the never sleeping option, background running permissions and even gave the permission in unrestricted usage in battery section. I also tried to clear app cache. I also did Uninstall and reinstall app from playstore. Nothing has been changed. I don't have problems with some apps like Spotify and YouTube.

I need help to fix this bug 

Thanks Regards 


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It does sound like something in your system is stopping PA from playing, which is normally down to over-aggressive power optimisation. Does this only happen when you exit from the PA interface (e.g. by pressing Home button) or when the screen goes to sleep?

There are also some issues with high-res and DVC combinations. Could you try using the default Output mode (Settings=>Audio=>Output=>Restore Defaults) and see what happens then?


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