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Music being down-sampled to 96khz when using a DAC (Fiio KA5)

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Hi there!


I'm using Poweramp with the Fiio KA5 DAC/AMP (https://www.fiio.com/KA5) which supports up to 32bit/768khz. When I try to listen to 96khz+ music, Poweramp tells me that it is being downsampled to 96khz on the output device (the last item in the chain, see screenshots). The DAC itself is just telling me that its playing at 96khz.

This doesn't happen on the Fiio Music App (where the sample rate is adjusted to match the song, and 96khz+ songs play fine), Neutron (where I can just set it to either the highest or change based on song, again 96khz+ works fine), Windows (limited to 384, but it works fine), or Linux (limited to 192, but it works fine).

The fact that it works on the Fiio Music App and Neutron (and on Windows and Linux) makes me think its something Poweramp and not my phone or DAC.

Something I noticed was that when using Neutron and Fiio Music App, Android asked me if I want to allow the apps to access the USB Device (DAC). I never get this message on Poweramp. Maybe that can help to nail down the issue?


Thanks in advance!


Poweramp build number (available in Poweramp Settings / About)

build-957-uni [957009-64f954db]

Installed with apk from website


your device model

Pixel 6 Pro


your Android version



your custom ROM name/version (if you're on custom ROM)

GrapheneOS Stable (with Google Play)


steps to reproduce

Plug the DAC in, enable high res output, set to 96khz+, and try to listen to music.





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