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Just a simple playlist description


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I've been trying to organize 400 songs, and it's a chore for sure. However I'm organizing them by their atmosphere, like whether the song is happy, sad, etc, and then within that happy or sad atmosphere i'm organizing them even more on whether it is energetic or not, they are separated by different playlist. The problem comes when I was sorting my songs, I try to be as objective as possible when ranking my songs, I don't want a song that's happy and overly energetic when its night time and I was trying to sleep. So often times I over analyze what songs must be in what playlist, like remembering the tone and atmosphere of a certain song in a certain playlist. And sometimes I still misremember it, and when I was done, sometimes some songs still aren't in the place where I intended it to. However a playlist description would help a lot since I don't need to remember what the tone was or the atmosphere was, I just need to read a paragraph I made to describe the exact atmosphere I want for this specific playlist. Sure it is pretty useless beside my very specific use case, but if you add it, it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading my essay.

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