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Poweramp Player increasingly sounding dull and hollow.

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For the last 5 years I have used Poweramp player and Equalizer and despite all that I can do, PA player and in bulit EQ just cannot sound right. Trebles sound dull & muted yet harsh which makes for an unenjoyable experience. I also use the standalone PA equalizer and this makes any other music player sound fantastic with rich bass sounds and bright, clear vocals and zesty trebles, just as PA player used to sound up until about 6 months ago with the same EQ settings (I default to the classic 'V' type sound signature) I have updated, deleted and reinstalled PA player numerous times now and reset defaults etc and it makes no difference at all. Just the same muted, dull and hollow yet harsh sound to my music files. 

If any one can tell me where I am going wrong or what I am doing wrong I would appreciate the advice, as PA is by far my favourite player but as I have said, it has just become unusable at this stage regarding it sound spectrum. 


Thank you in advance for any advice received. 


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Andre, thank you so much!

I took your advice and turned off the DVC in the Poweramp Equaliser and disabled the equaliser itself and lo and behold, the sound in PA player is back to its bright and punchy self! I honestly didn't realise that keeping the PA equaliser on would affect the the equaliser in PA player itself but obviously it does. 


It's actually a real pity that the PA equaliser cannot work with PA player as it does with say Youtube Music and other streaming services but I'm just delighted with that player and equaliser in their own right. Others just don't come close. 


Thanks again for the great advice! 



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