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Not indexing all tracks ID3 'Artist'/'Album' tags

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I have had this issue for the last two years really. so through various versions of the app. I have approx. 30k songs on my phones SD card. All files have the correct ID3 tags.

The issue is lots of the tracks when playing in PA show us as Artist/Album Unknown. When I view the songs tags in PA, they are there.

I have auto rescan off.

I have done various FULL rescans in an attempt to get PA to index all my songs, but to no avail. The indexing finishes but all songs have not been read.

I have disabled all battery saving, kept phone on charge while scanning.

I have just updated to the latest version build-957-bundle-play ( 16th April 2023 ) and done a rescan.

The library stats show I have 30k files , so PA has seen them, it just doesn't seem to want to index them all?

Is there an upper limit on how many files PS can index?

 Thanks in advance!

Great App!




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Are all of the missing files .M4A format? While that shouldn't be a problem, that is an Apple-created format and thus can be a bit more quirky and less well-documented than MP3, FLAC, etc. If specific files always fails, could you temporarily upload a couple of samples for checking?

The full scanner uses slightly different code to Info/Tags (the latter reads data directly from the file at the time you use the menu option, whereas the former uses an indexing database) but it does seem odd that so many files are detected but missing their tag data. You don't mention your device or Android version, but could this be your issue:


Probably not the issue here either, but I would also question why you have nearly 14,000 folders for just 27,000 songs? That's an average of less than two song files per folder!


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Sorry, but it works fine for me:



Might be worth clearing your entire music folders list completely by selecting just one empty folder in Settings=>Library=>Music Folders and allowing a Full Rescan. You should then see zero folders and zero files in the Settings=>Library header. Then re-enable your original master music folder and let all your music scan back into a clean database. Another way to do this would be to clear app data so you start with a clean slate. If you need any ratings, play counts, possibly playlists, or other music info, do a Settings=>Export Settings/Data first.

If that doesn't help, we'll have to wait until @maxmp gets a chance to take a look at this case, but as I said it works for me.


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I think I have figured out what causes it now! It seems if I remove my SD card to add some music. Upon  putting it back in my device. It can't find all my songs so I do a rescan/full rescan. But it only seems to find 20% of my music. Hence the issue above. Even after a device restart, it still doesn't find more than about 6k tracks. See image. Multiple rescans end at this figure.

If I remove the folder from my library in the settings as you suggested.


Add directory again


It then finds all the tracks?

Bit of a nightmare but it's a work around.

Any ideas what could be happening?


Thanks for your help help!



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