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Factory edit lyrics, add album and artist information, dynamic interface.

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Hello everyone, I noticed several points in the application "Oto Music" I hope to add them soon, so I hope to consider these points well.

The first point, which is the ability to create a lyrics file (with or without synchronization) within the application, modify it, as well as save it and download the file to keep it or share it with someone else.

*At the moment, I copy the lyrics (with sync timing) ready from the Internet and insert it into the “Oto Music” app, edit it freely, save it (directly linked to the song information) and then download it, and run it on the “Poweramp” app.

We want to shorten all these steps, if possible. Of course, your capabilities allow this.

The second point, I also noticed when entering any album, for example, a group of songs are listed, at the bottom, there is an aesthetic touch, which is putting information about this album, as in the "Spotify" app. (This information is imported from the Internet)

The last point, please review the main interface, you will find it in the "Oto Music" app that has many aesthetic touches, and is very similar to those in "Spotify" app, please see it yourself and evaluate it.

Thanks for your time, and I apologize for the prolongation.

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1) I know Max has intentions to make embedded lyric tags within audio files (e.g. USLT or SYLT tags in MP3 files) editable via the Info/Tags=>Edit Tags screen as a convenience feature at some point in the future - possibly along with being able to edit a few other embedded tags. Whenever that happens, lyric data will presumably be edited as a simple block of text - a bit like notepad on a computer - allowing you to make tweaks and adjustments without resorting to a full-featured lyric editor. I suspect external LRC files are unlikely to be included though, as PA is at heart a Music Player not a batch tag editor, file explorer, cover-photo editor, music editor, search engine, karaoke machine, etc. You can always use any standard text editor for LRC files though, as they are just plain text.

2) The only thing that Poweramp currently search for online is cover art images for individual songs, if the files don't already contain embedded images. Overall 'Album Art' images for lists are picked ad hoc from any one of the song images using the same Album tag;  the concept of an 'Album' being simply an abstract construct build up from multiple individual song files that have similar tags. I don't know Max's future plans, but in the past he has been reluctant to make Poweramp too dependent on online data; for example Poweramp can't even save online-sourced cover images back into audio files, the images are instead kept as JPEG files in a separate cache folder. And sourcing missing lyrics is done by calling out to external apps designed for the task. 

Personally I do think your idea is a good one though, and to also show short background info on Albums, Artists, Composers, etc. But remember that reliability would only be as good as the quality of results that Google/wiki/whatever might return, which diminishes the more esoteric the music becomes.

3) Poweramp has its own interface that has been developed and honed for nearly 15 years, and is one of the things that makes it unique. There are no plans to plagiarise other apps by simply copying their interface features - not beyond such common operational elements as showing cover art, using identifiable Play/Pause/Shuffle/Repeat icon buttons, etc. But if there is a specific feature that you like and think would fit well within Poweramp's design philosophy, and also be useful to the wider Poweramp userbase, well that's what this forum is for.

Overall though, if you prefer everything about Oto Music so much, perhaps that app might be a better fit for your general use?


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Hello Andre, I am pleased and honored to communicate with you.

- I am glad that the content of the first point is among your future plan, especially since it is the feature of "modifying, saving and downloading the lyrics of the song" It has become a very basic and important thing, and I attached a picture that shows the shape of the feature in a simple way, and from this standpoint, after clicking on save, the lyrics has become within the tags.

- And also really pleased me, that the second point is aroused of your interest, it is a distinctive touch that will add another dimension to this special app.

- I want to point out before speaking on the third point, I am a fan of using the Poweramp app, and I always wish it the best through the application of features that keep pace with the current era, I never intended here to insult those in charge of developing the application, but I had all the respect and appreciation for them.

There are three items (Recently add, Recently played, Recently artist):

These three elements can be listed aesthetically in the main interface, and it is a feature that can be turned off and on from the settings. The idea, in order to be clearer, I have attached a picture, showing what I want to tell you: "Scrolling here will be sideways." (And these three elements will be located below the old elements above "all song, folders, albums,...)

Finally, the "Oto Music app" is a program under testing and development. I liked some things about it. I showed them to you. I don't think there is any theft here or anything like that. I don't mean that, thank you very much.



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6 minutes ago, Abduallah Khalf said:

the feature of "modifying, saving and downloading the lyrics of the song" 

And also really pleased me, that the second point is aroused of your interest, it is a distinctive touch that will add another dimension to this special app.

There are three items (Recently add, Recently played, Recently artist) ... "Scrolling here will be sideways."

1) I said there may at some point be an option to modify existing lyrics - i.e. edit tag contents that are already embedded within audio files, not external LRC files. PA is unlikely to download or save lyrics though, that would be up to external lyric apps. There is a new interface (API) that would allow external apps to communicate more easily with Poweramp if their developers choose to implement it in the future though. Otherwise, it's one-way at the moment - Poweramp tells an external app what song is playing, and the external app (which could even be Google in a browser) searches for and displays some words, unsynchronised.

2) I personally found this idea interesting, but I'm not the developer so it may not happen especially soon, or ever.

3) Sideward scrolling lists were discussed quite a long time ago, but the idea was not taken up at the time. All of Poweramp's lists currently work solely on a drill-down basis. The available items shown in the main top-level Library view are configurable though. Use the List Options menu item in the main Library view to select which items you want to see. Two of the existing options are 'Recently Played' and 'Recently Added'. Any such category is song-based though, there is no concept of a "listened to album", merely individual songs that have been played.


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