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Creating playlisting on PC


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Yes, as long as the filenames and the folders that they are contained within are exact matches between your PC and your Android device's storage, an M3U playlist file created on a PC will work fine when copied to your Android device. When Poweramp scans the M3U file, it will ignore the Windows portions of the listed paths (i.e. the "C:\Users\etc" bit).

Note: if you make any subsequent changes within Poweramp, the revised M3U file will no longer be easily compatible with your PC if you wanted to copy it back again (the quoted paths would be changed to match the Android storage, which most Windows music players won't be able to understand)


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A m3u8 playlist is a plain text file, which just holds a list of files. The file can be viewed or edited in notepad on your PC. The main differences between the playlist on your phone and PC is:

  • The PC has drives named C:\ or similar and on the Phone you will see something like 62D9-1D1E
  • "\" is used as directory separator on the PC while the phone uses "/" which originates from Linux
  • Special characters such as "á" and similar might be differently encoded on the phone and PC

The first two can easily be fixed with a "search & replace" if you want to bring back your playlist to the PC.

Example of difference between PC and phone entry. (spaces added in front of PC entry to make it easier to read)

             M:\Aerosmith\C05 - Big Ones (1994)\Aerosmith - Big Ones - 06 - Janie's Got A Gun.mp3
62D9-1D1E/Musik/Aerosmith/C05 - Big Ones (1994)/Aerosmith - Big Ones - 06 - Janie's Got A Gun.mp3


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I've just created a general guide to creating playlists which might provide some more background to this question: 

(comments on whether it seems useful, or needs extra detail, are welcome)


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