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M4b chapter distinguisher


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Hi, I was wondering if it were possible to have the ability to show m4b as multiple files. Showing chapter markers or something. Makes it easier to have a grasp of what's left of the chapter and stuff. You could either show the file as a folder with the chapters or create like I previously said markers. I know it's not really a music feature but I dislike jumping apps when I want to listen to audiobooks. 

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It would be up to Max to decide if he thinks this is worth implementing in a music player. But if I understand what you are asking correctly, I would have thought the existing code for handling embedded CUE-sheet data within FLAC files ought to be able to generate psueduo-folders and tracks from m4b files if they contain index points.


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+1 for this request. I own literally thousands of hours of audiobooks in m4b format, and it would be awesome to have some basic audiobook features like chapter detection or its own section in the library. It would make my life way easier.

Other than that, I am pretty happy with Poweramp. That's why I've been translating it for years. 👍

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