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Seek bar shows full album length instead of song when playing songs from cue.


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The setting "show cue disc image files" is disabled. So that's not it. When I play individual songs the seek bar still shows the whole album length. 😳

Maybe it's not a bug but a setting? I haven't' experienced it before anyway. I'm using the latest version.


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43 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

Odd, works fine for me. Do the songs play right to the end of the FLAC? Could you perhaps paste a copy of the CUE text file here?


They play normally, except for the last one or two songs apparently. Trying to seek those just brings back "list finished". But I removed the album folder from the phone storage and replaced it (with the same one from my pc) and then did a rescan and now it's no longer an issue. 😆 Guess it was just damaged or something lol.. Anyway, it kind of solved itself. Hopefully there's nothing wrong with my phones storage, time will tell. Thanks mate.

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