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Remove the clutter from lists

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I guess that all depends on what you consider "unnecessary". Ratings for example are something I always turn off.

Some elements in the meta lines can already be hidden or enabled via options. e.g. Show Disc and Show Track Number are available in Settings=>Library=>Lists. Ratings can be disabled in Settings=>Look and Feel=>Player UI. Extended encoding information (bit-depth/frequency) is only displayed for any content which has an encoding format greater than 16-bit/48kHz. Basic duration and file-type cannot be disabled at present.

Longer-term, I've got a Feature Request which basically aggregates a number of older request threads from over the years. It would provide layout formatting strings (global, but also adjustable with a per category override) for the Title line, the Artist/Album line, and the metadata line. But as this system would need to replace a load of existing toggle options and other controls, so it would probably take a lot of programming.

So per your request for example, you might define the metadata line using the formatting string "%rating% %duration%".


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