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After rescanning my files some files started showing like this and not playing.

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Hello, I've been using Poweramp for about a year or two and very rarely had this issue. There are multiple files that are having this issue that were completely fine prior to the rescan. All the songs that are having this issue are on my SD card, but a majority of the files on my SD card are still fine. Any one know the reason for this and how to fix it? The folders that contain the songs are all selected in Poweramp. Thanks.


Never mind, I figured it out. It was only an issue in my playlists and clicking Rescan / Resolve Playlists fixed it. 

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@Joessics Poweramp wasn't able to scan this file (no access, no file at the stored location, broken sd card block, Poweramp was killed during scan of this file, etc.). Please note that Poweramp won't rescan files if file is not marked as modified or Poweramp "Full Rescan" was explicitly used by user, so once scanned file can't turn to non-scanned like this flac on your screenshot.

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