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Support for "Album artist" filed.

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I bought Poweramp years ago and I have been a loyal user ever since, but this has always been a big disappointment. It's really not that hard to pull metadata. Using MediaStore.Audio is just a way for the devs to cut corners. It's not like it would be any kind of challenge for them to build a decent metadata extraction protocol from scratch. It's actually surprising that a premium app as excellent as Poweramp has failed to provide a basic media player function. Even Google has realized that their branded app should be a bit more functional than their clearly inadequate AOSP standard.

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This is starting to get ridiculous. .

I'm against a lot of complaints against developers, they are doing things when they can, and so forth..

But, we are paying customers, and this subject going on three years now, is a little insulting.

The insulting part is the lack of response. By now I feel we could be told what's going on.

If the programmer think it's a too difficult feature to add, I understand. If there's any good reason to why this hasn't been added, I will probably understand and accept. But, no response at all, to why not, I actually find a bit hard to swallow.

When can we see this feature?

If we can't, is the job too difficult? Or what?

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I just made a thread about this and it's good to see many people wanting the same thing, but it's bad that since 2012 devs didn't make it yet. I bought the pro version just today because it is a really nice music player but it lacks of some basic things like this.

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I've been using Poweramp since my first Android phone many years back, and have sadly gotten used to the lack of Album Artist support (I have a FLAC-to-AAC converter preset in FooBar2000 which automatically re-titles tracks as "%TITLE%{ // %TRACKARTIST%}", which took a fair bit of scripting to get right).


Until fooBar2k comes out on mobile, I'll still use Poweramp, but potentially not for much longer.

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I have read many posts on the Album Artist Tag on this forum. Many Poweramp users are asking for this tag to be available. Well, to help my Poweramp user friends I have further developed my New Playlist Manager app





to provide functionality where you can build your own query from selected mp3 tags (Album Artist Included!!) as well as sorting this playlist in any way you like.

The app integrates with Poweramp in that it shows the Poweramp specific Rating and Times Played tags. Export to m3u format and you are ready to go.

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