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Equalizer website purchase?

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Hi, amazing work on the app, does everything I want it to (parametric EQ with Tidal)!

Are there any plans to make it purchasable through the website like Poweramp? I don't have Google services on my phone and when the 30 days are up, parametric EQ will be disabled if I'm not mistaken.

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@maxmp Thank you for the quick reply! Just for clarification: I only see a Poweramp license available for purchase via website (from here: https://powerampapp.com/buy-Poweramp/), not a Poweramp Equalizer license. Is the EQ app compatible with the Poweramp (V3) license or am I missing something?

Bonus question: How many re-activations are included in one license? I clean-flash my phone about once a year due to new major Android releases.

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With the EQ app, you always purchase the licence from within the app. If you have downloaded the app from the Play Store, their terms and conditions require any subsequent purchase to be done via their own payment systems (so Google gets a cut of the money). If you have downloaded the APK file from the website here, the in-app payment option will work directly via our website so Google services are not required. 

Flashing your phone once a year will not cause any re-licence issues, you'd have to be re-installing daily or weekly for it to become a problem.


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@andrewilley Thank you for that last piece of the puzzle I was missing, I just bought the license from within the app 🤗

You and @maxmp are doing an amazing job (I know you Andre are not a dev, but I skimmed the forum quite a while before registering and stumbled upon a lot of helpful answers from you). In your line of work, people with problems will always be more visible and seemingly in the majority, which I can imagine must be frustrating at times, but this is of course not true. So as one of the thousands (millions?) of people who love what you do: THANK YOU 😊

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