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Bluetooth Problems Since Version 945

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Moto g Stylus 5G (2022) - Android 12 - Current PA=956

In versions since 945 I've had issues with Poweramp.

The first one I reported at version 948 is that my car head unit would fall behind on the song/artist/album display. This is bluetooth, not android auto. It may be corrected since I shut off all the settings in the Android auto section.

I'm now getting occasional "hitches" in music playback in my car like a very shortcut in playback.

All playback is using the Queue since I don't really like the category playback method with the 1,700+ albums on my phone. I like to explicitly load the Queue with specifically selected music.

I don't have any lyrics stuff so I'm wondering if all the work with adding support for lyrics is causing the "hitches"? Is there a way to disable lyric related processing?

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On 3/13/2023 at 4:19 PM, maxmp said:

@w3wilkes ok please try this build 

Sorry I've been tied up. I'll be trying this out later today and will let you know. I still have all the Android Auto stuff shut off so I don't know if that will impact it. I don't use AA, just bluetooth connected to my car.

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Just finished a drive with "Graham Parker - Howlin' Wind" and "Deep Purple - The Very Best Of" from the Queue which is the way I always use Poweramp and it never missed a song change on the head unit. Looks like it's working as it should. On another note, not a single "hitch" in music playback either.

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Just to say I'm also having this problem. Moto G8 power phone connecting to 2 different cars / 2 different Toyota headunits, both via Bluetooth. It works OK for a while when I first get in the car, but at some point if I go "skip to next track" using the steering wheel buttons in the car, the track will change but the track name displayed on the headunit does not change. Then for the rest of the session in the car, the displayed track will stay one track behind the track which is actually playing. 

Happy to check out a test build. 




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