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I just tried and even their regular streams/playlists don't seem to be shoutcast style - e.g. https://www.di.fm/playlists/epic-music or https://www.di.fm/spacemusic . It wouldn't be possible to test your premium stream without the key of course, which obviously you won't want to post publicly.

@maxmp might be able to tell us more though.


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1 hour ago, 6b6561 said:

PLS looks like it's a playlist format.

It is, rather like M3U or WPL. And that would be the problem.

Poweramp currently cannot see the contents of online playlists, it needs to be given the actual audio source URL. So either the wrapper playlist file (e.g. somefile.m3u or anotherfile.pls) needs to be saved locally in the storage of your own device, or you need to open it to find the actual contained streaming URL address listed inside the PLS file.

For example, the online file bbcradio2.pls might contain the following text:

Title1=BBC Radio 2

The actual streaming audio URL in this case is http://stream.live.vc.bbcmedia.co.uk/bbc_radio_two , and that's the bit that Poweramp needs.


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Ran a wget on the https://listen.di.fm/premium/bigbeat.pls


Title1=DI.FM - Big Beat
Title2=DI.FM - Big Beat
Title3=DI.FM - Big Beat

A wget of the File URL's gives a 401  Authentication Required

It might be that it could work by appending the key into something like http://prem2.di.fm:80/bigbeat?listen_key=xyz or you could also try http://prem2.di.fm:80/bigbeat?YOURKEY

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