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Parametric EQ - Bugs

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Hello, I was using Poweramp completely fine, connected to a bluetooth device, until I connected a second device.

I was using an asymetric parametric eq (Left channel goes to a subwoofer, right channel to a bookshelf speaker)

Now, the volume sometimes plays at an insane volume, regardless of what you set it to.

Other times it will work but partially, the left channel works, but the right one can't be eqed, and this doesn't happen with every preset

I've also found that changing the order of bands completely changes the sound, and some bands might not work without the "correct" order

The app also seems to have issues with certain presets, as re-creating them again makes it work again, sometimes

I know this sounds like a mess, but it it like this. I've tried force-stopping, but I think I'll reinstall

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Well that's certainly an interesting stereo layout you have there. :) I assume all your music content is mono anyway.

Are you using one BT receiver with its physical outputs connected to your two speakers, or somehow using two simultaneously connected BT devices?


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@andrewilley Hi andre, yes, it's weird, but I haven't built the subwoofer amplifier yet so I'm using it like this for now.

Yes, I have a bt receiver connected to the amplifier, and one channel goes to the sub and the other to the speaker

But that's outside the topic, I'm trying with headphones and it still doesn't work properly, the bands are doing weird stuff. What should only touch the left channel is affecting only the right channel, or not doing anything at all, I have no clue of how pairing two devices at the same time could've broken it so much

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Might be worth clearing all your presets back to defaults (long-press on Reset in the EQ panel) and create them again. You can export individual Presets first if you want, to save you some time in rebuilding them. Have you assigned any of your presets to the specific BT devices, maybe they are being confused with each other?


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@andrewilley Yes, I tried making a new one, but it also doesn't work

I don't have presets assigned because Poweramp doesn't recognise bt names well for some reason

Uninstalling also didn't work

I'll try uninstalling and not restoring to see if that helps

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