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3rd Party Lyrics option doesn't work

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  • Poweramp build number = build 956
  • your device model = pixel pro 6
  • your Android version = android 13
  • your custom ROM name/version = GrapheneOS
  • steps to reproduce = if I click on the lyrics button long the 3rd party app doesn't open as expected. Neither from the dot menu and long pressed there only opens the lyrics (unsynced)

Hope that'll be fixed soon, cause i love to see some lyrics on musixmatch cause they're sometimes translations included which my LRC files doesn't have

Thanks for the devs for an amazing app like this!

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Works OK for me (on Samsung Android 11), when using 'Open Lyrics App' the correct lyrics list for the current song is displayed in the Musixmatch interface.

Just to check, I assume you do have the musixmatch app installed and available on your phone, and you've selected it in PA Settings=>Look and Feel=>Lyrics=>Preferred Lyrics App ? 


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46 minutes ago, machsgern said:

Yes it's enabled cause if there are no local lyrics i can open the 3rd party app.

If there are local lyrics or LRC file I can't open a 3rd party app to check for lyrics from them.

So what is the bug that you are reporting? You now say that you can open the third-party app (using the 'Open Lyrics App' button) for songs where there are no embedded lyrics or LRC file, which is how it should work.

As far as I know, the process as designed should be:

  • Tap on the Lyrics icon or select using the long-press menu to enable PA's Lyrics display.
  • If a song contains embedded lyrics, or if there is a companion LRC file, the lyrics will be displayed automatically, and synced to the music if timecodes are provided in the data. In that case, there is no access to any third-party apps.
  • If no embedded lyrics or LRC file for the current song are found, a message is displayed to that effect. If you then tap on the offered 'Open Lyrics App' button, the current song's Title & Artist info will be handed over to your preferred external third-party app (which could even be a web browser/Google) for searching and displaying lyrics if found.

For the future, Poweramp also now provides a simple API to allow communication directly with external lyrics apps while songs are playing. Once any third-party apps or plug-ins are programmed to also use this common interface (at least one, Lyrics2, has said they plan to) Poweramp will be able to seamlessly request lyrics data from that external app, and if the external app responds with any content PA will be able to display those lyrics within its own interface without any further user interaction.


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I thought that the "lyrics item in the track menu" option set to 3rd party app would allow me to open 3rd party app anyway even if I have LRC lyrics or unsynced ones.. I have a lot of lyrics already provided as LRC or unsynced. But I like the way that musixmatch provides often translations for the lyrics which I sometimes want to see. So I want to open 3rd party app as an option directly from the player menu even if they're local ones. Or is there a option to have 2 LRC or unsynced lyrics which can be integrated to Poweramp to see it in app ui directly cause then I would translate the lyrics directly so I'm not dependent on 3rd party apps.



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8 minutes ago, machsgern said:

I thought that the "lyrics item in the track menu" option set to 3rd party app would allow me to open 3rd party app anyway even if I have LRC lyrics or unsynced ones.

No, the Lyrics button or menu item will first display any existing provided lyrics. Only if nothing was found will the third-party app button be displayed.

Embedded Lyric tags cannot be edited within Poweramp - although there are planned extensions to the Info/Tags editor which will support that in some future update. For now, you need to use an external tag editor program - or create a separate LRC file in any text editor, which will override any embedded content.

I'll move this thread to Feature Requests, as it sound like Poweramp is working for you as intended at the moment, but you'd like to also be able to search for new lyrics if you aren't happy with the provided ones.


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