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Q 12 in parametric EQ problem

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The parametric eq sound is amazing especially the bass when peaking the band but when you add new band after you make previous band Q size to 12 and add another band Doesn't work😔

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Thank you maxmp After I  I've turn the Q size to 12 and added a new band, the first band which is Q 12 is the only one that works. But the new band is not working, Q 10 is stable except Q 12 Sorry for my bad english

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So to clarify:

  • You create a new Preset with jsut one parametric band, and set it to Q 12. This works.
  • You then create a new parametric band with default Q 1.5 (so there are now two sliders).
  • When making adjustments, you can hear the changes made to the first slider, but not to the new one.
  • However if you do the same process but with the first band still at Q 1.5, you can hear the changes when you adjust either slider.

I've just tried this process and it seems to work fine for me. I tested with one band at 150Hz/Q12, and the second band at 2.5Khz/Q1.5, and both worked fine.

Edit: Something odd I just noticed... if I manually switch over to another Preset (e.g. "Bass & Treble") and then go back to my test Preset again, although band one is still showing as 150Hz/Q12 (and the graph matches that specific narrow range too) the audible bass adjusted by the first slider is much wider - perceptually, it sounds more like it's really using a width of Q1.5 rather than Q12. If I then change the Q knob very slightly (to say Q11.9) it drops back to the desired narrower range of bass adjustment again.


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