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STREAM / .M3U Playlist - sorting

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I opened a .m3u radio playlist with Poweramp. Now it's under Stream. So far so good. The only issue I have is the sorting. It should list the radio stations in the same order as they are within the .m3u file. Now it looks random.

Is there a way to do it?

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Open the list in the Playlists Category, which will still be shown in its original order from the M3U file.

Opening the Streams category will show you all streams in your setup, not just from one M3U file. The order they are displayed is dictated by the List Options menu.


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Thanks. That is the way I wanted it. Another question; since I'm using only folder hierarchy, is there a way to put the playlist into this section? So I would have all together.

If I delete a radio channel, will Poweramp this channel only ignore on the future, or does it delete also the entry within the m3u playlist. I could check it by myself. But I guess you know the answer. Deleting the entry would be fine. Then I could use the same playlist also on other devices.

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