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Hello All,

Long time user. I am submitting this request because I *%#_**÷ love this app, it is dope. I have over 4860 albums/CD's, over 105,108 songs, 8 playlists on my phone's SDCARD. The reason for this request is related to playlists. My main playlist has 3,480 entries. I love the options like removing duplicates.

Can an option be added to show a small icon next to songs that belong to a playlist within my albums?

I can't keep track of all songs I have added to my playlists. I still have songs I want to add within over 4,000+ albums. Searching for and removing duplicates is great but I am looking for something more visual.

Any chance?

Peter Costa

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Thanks Max. I assume this will be via an extra little symbol in the meta info in library lists? Rather like the recently-added three-lines next to the little clef symbol to indicate that lyrics are available?

If so, could you perhaps also add into the same To-Do item to incorporate Playlist details within the Info/Tags display for songs too, which has been a feature request for a while? So at the bottom of the Info/Tags screen there would be a list of any Playlists that the current song is included within - ideally with each playlist name being tappable to open it in the Playlists category view.


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