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Enable Poweramp to play one song and turn off the phone

EQ Lover

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Hello and thanks for this forum,

I've searched the app for a way to have Poweramp play one song and then turn my phone off, but I haven't found it, if it exists.  While searching topics here for help, I noticed one asking to use version 2 instead of version 3.  I don't know what version I have, but I saw Build 307 somewhere.  I am using the feature to play only one song in my music folder and stop, so I have the one song part under control.  A setting for "turn the phone off afterward" is what I can't find.  If this feature is already available, please tell me how to find it and/or how to use it.  If not, the ability to have Poweramp turn the phone off (or any other device with the app installed which is capable of being turned off by an app) after either one song, like in my case, or after a playlist or whatever may be found useful to many more than just me.  I paid for the full version activator (or whatever it's called) to be able to enjoy all the features without limitation or whatever the advantage(s) is/are (I can't remember).

I wanted this app for its complex Equalizer feature with many bands and have been enjoying it for everything else it has to offer.  I'm using it on a Samsung Galaxy S6 that I don't use for calls anymore.  I use this phone and app to play 2+ hour healing, relaxation music to help me get to sleep.  I have the speaker system's power controlled by an electronic digital timer to turn it on and back off after the music has ended, but I'm asleep when the song ends, so the phone stays turned on until I get up, turn it off and deactivate the timer.  If Poweramp could turn off the phone (or whatever Android-capable device is used), that would allow me to save the battery several hours of charge each night and help the battery last longer.

Thanks again for the forum and I eagerly await your reply.

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6 hours ago, andrewilley said:

Have you ever seen an app that triggers a full shutdown?

Thanks for the reply!  I thought I had, but can't say for sure.  Are you saying there is no way that Poweramp can do this?  I know you are not aware of a way, but might a programming engineer know better?  The one who wrote this app?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I Googled "android phone app to turn off phone"  These are the returns:

1. The most commonly used apps to turn off or restart your Android devices are PowerMenu and Shutdown which are both available for free on the Play store.Dec 6, 2022

2. Is there an app that turns your phone off?
Turn off Android phones
Google's Family Link app allows you to schedule a span of time for the phone to be off, such as bedtime. But you can also completely lock the device so kids can't even get into it. Family Link requires two downloads, one for your phone and one for your kid's.Apr 19, 2019

3. Is there an app to turn off phone at night?
Meet Sleep Timer!
Sleep Timer lets you configure a timer for turning off any media that is currently playing on your phone. You can also sleep WiFi, Bluetooth, and even the Screen!May 13, 2019

4. How can I turn off my child's phone at night?
Download the Family Link for Children & Teens on your kid's phone (available for Android only). On your phone, create a family manager account. Once your kid's profile is set up, select Bedtime and set the span of time your kid can't use their phone.Apr 28, 2019

5. How can I control my child's phone from mine?
The easiest way to get remote control access to your child's phone is to download a parental control app. Before you can control your child's phone, you will need to create a profile for each child and then download the app on the kid's phone as well.

So it is possible for an app (like Poweramp) to turn a phone off (or any Android device) and it can also be done remotely, phone to phone, but I just want Poweramp to trigger a shut down when a song (or Playlist. etc.) has finished.  These results tell me a standalone app can do it, so Poweramp should be able to incorporate it.  Not based on a time setting, but when a song is finished.  If it has to be time-based, then have Poweramp note the time on the phone and have it turn the phone off a few seconds to a minute later.

There are more returns from the search above about apps that can do it, so please get with the Poweramp app engineer/coder to have them research the best way to add the feature into Poweramp.

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1) These all open variations on the device's regular shutdown menu (just like clicking on the button on the side of the phone) and you then have to actively confirm on the screen that you want to turn off your phone. They are to save extra wear on the button, or if the button is broken, but they don't actually power the device off unless you commit to it.

3) Stops media playback and sends the device to sleep, not power down.

Family Link is a Google app (so has higher privileges than a third-party app, just as manufacturer-installed apps do) but I don't think even that can force a power down, it just puts the device to sleep and stops it from being used for a period (to limit kids' access time).

Family Link, and other remote control apps such as Windows 'Your Phone', also allow remote operation of the screen of another device - so you can perform tasks on a child's phone from a parent's device for example - but all they do is provide shared screen access, and in that session you can perform and on-screen confirm a local device shutdown.

This is all to the best of my knowledge anyway, but I very much doubt Google would allow any Play Store apps to be granted permission to power down the host device. 


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Thank you, @andrewilley,

If an app did put the phone to sleep, would that save battery charge compared to the phone being left turned on when the song ends because I'm asleep?  If so, that would be closer to my goal than leaving it on.  I'm in the habit of turning the phone off when I get up, so I could continue doing that with the phone asleep after the song ends until I get up to turn it off.  The Speakers Amp is on a digital programmable electrical on/off timer because I go to bed at different times each night, but I also turn the timer off when I turn the phone off so the Amp can't come back on, which has happened if I forget.  What are your thoughts?  Can Poweramp be programmed to put the phone to sleep after a song, and would that be an appreciable battery charge savings?  The sleep time gap is 6 hours or more.  Thank you

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4 hours ago, EQ Lover said:

If an app did put the phone to sleep

It's a moot point I'm afraid. Android does not allow phones to be powered down, either from an app or the main interface, without the user's express permission by tapping on the confirmation button. To change that, you'd need to take it up with Google, but I doubt they'd be very receptive as it would cause chaos if people's vital communication devices could be randomly turned off by an inconsiderately coded app.

'Sleep' state is merely what happens after 30-60 seconds of no user activity, when the screen times out and goes blank to save power (the precise delay can be changed in the device's settings). Some manufacturers allow slightly deeper sleep states to be entered by forcibly shutting down non-essential background apps, which may very slightly improve battery drain - although a music player should ideally be excluded from such actions, as it is often desirable for music to continue playing in the background after the screen has gone off. By far the biggest battery drain is usually the screen being left on though.

Some apps can block screen-off sleep state from happening - for example video players where you don't want the screen going blank every 30 seconds if you don't touch it. PA itself has an option to prevent the screen from sleeping in fact, but that's the opposite of what you are asking of course (make sure it's turned off though, otherwise the screen will stay on permanently). PA's Sleep Timer can stop music playback after a set period if you want, or you can just use Single Song mode.


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