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Android 13: Location for Downloaded Album Art?

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Connected to PC (because I'm aware of the limitations that was put in place since Android 11), I'm trying to find the /Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer directory. It doesn't exist.

I've added a downloaded album art to see if that would add the directory, but it did not.

I'm looking to transfer my album art to the new device.

Phone: Galaxy S23 Ultra


EDIT: Seems it saves in the standard folder (the one without the underscore). Only added after an album art is saved.


Maybe a request to also back up downloaded album art in future versions? Thanks.

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Correct, Android 13 installs will use the version without the underscore (due to more recent Google limitations on naming conventions).

You could also use Poweramp's Settings=>Export Settings/Data feature, which allows you to export all of your cached album art alongside everything else to a single backup file. Then Import that again on your new device. You can select what content to export/import via tickboxes if you wish.


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